Kuhne Extruder

KUHNE Extruder

In the focus of development are the single screw extruders, which are built in screw diameters from 25mm to 250mm. Possible lenghts, related to the diameter, are 20 D, 24 D, 30 D, 33 D, over 36 and 39 D up to the special lenght of 45 D.  They can all be produced in our factory

All extruder sizes are available without venting, single, double or four-fold vented. Modern screw geometries guarantee constant pressure and proper homogenization with maximum output rates. In addition to processing plastics, KUHNE extruders are also used to process biodegradable materials, wood flour or fibre reinforced plastics as well as other extuderable materials.

KUHNE manufactures more than 200 extruders annually in the Sankt Augustin headquater. In addition to custom made extruders, we manufacture certain machine types in series to assure short delivery and short payback time.

KUHNE single screw extruders – our product features

  • Screw diameter from 25mm to 250mm
  • Barrel length 24 to 45D (with and without venting)
  • High speed extruder 60mm, 72mm and 90mm screw diameter, screw rotation speed up to 1.500 U/min, output range up to 2.500kg/h PS, 2.100kg/h PP. Also suitable for ABS, all with extremely low energy consumption
  • Water-cooled, silent drive technology with torque
  • 3-zone screws, venting screws, barrier screws with shearing and mixing section
  • Barrier screws for the processing of Polyolefins without screw change
  • Screw removal to the back or front at choice
  • Single venting, double venting and four times venting (for hygroscopic polymers)
  • Water cooled drive technology with highest efficency. A.C. and direct torque drives

Materials for the production on KUHNE Smart Sheets extruders

  • PP
  • PA, EVOH
  • Custom applications like biodegradeable plastics, fiber filled compounds and specially engineered resins