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KUHNE flatfilm and sheetlines - Tailor made Know-How for your application

Our R+D specialists are continuously working closely with resin suppliers and customers in our laboratory to test new machine configurations, raw materials and their application areas.

Tenacity, Printability, Barrier characteristic or environmental aspects:

No matter which property may be important for our customers; KUHNE always has the perfect solution for you.


Highlights of flat film and sheet-lines from KUHNE:

  • Completely manufactured by and at KUHNE
  • Product thicknesses from 120 µm  to 50 mm
  • Patented feedblock system for up to 11 layers adaptable to the individual film structure
  • Own flat film dies up to 4.000 mm width, with internal or external deckling, as manual or Automatic-die
  • Roll stacks available from 300 mm to 9.000 mm width with features such  as fast changing roll systems, electro-mechanic or hydraulic gap adjustment, bending resistant rolls and KUBI – rolls, bending-resistant and thin-wall rolls
  • Roll diameter from 200 mm – 1.200 mm
  • Individual roll drives with servo technology
  • Vertical, inclined and horizontal roll stack designs

Areas of application for our films and sheets:


  • All known thermoplastics like PS, PP, HDPE, ABS, PC, PMMA or PET
  • Film for thermoforming
  • Inline or offline procedure
  • Substrate coating
  • Sheet- and semi-finished materials
  • Production of fibre reinforced plastics
  • Embossed films (office binders)
  • Construction films
  • Geomembrane films
  • (fiber, felt) reinforced films
  • PE / Aluminium sheets for building fassades
  • Biodegradeable plastics
  • Wood flour reinforced plastics
  • High-transparent plastics for optical sheets (PC, PMMA, PET)