KUHNE installiert Innovative Plattenanlage bei deutschem Kunden

The sheet producing company Epsotech from Jülich, Nordhein Westfalen, is for KUHNE GmbH a repeat offender, as the majority of their numerous sheet extrusion lines comes from Sankt Augustin.

Their latest coup is the delivery and installation of an innovative 5-layer sheet line, which can produce up to 30mm thick, coextruded sheets. The final width of these goes up to 3m. Outstanding optical surface properties, very light weight by using PP and good thermoforming abilities are only a few of the characteristics of the final sheets which the machine is able to produce.

The re-usage of the thermoforming scrap – coming from edge cutting and thermoforming waste is yet another key point of this high-class KUHNE sheetline. Epsotech indicates a high percentage of up to 40% that may be used again and fed back to the closed loop of production.

The final product range coming from this line is mainly used in the world of vehicles.