KUHNE Technical center

Development and Innovation

Due to the industry’s growing commitment for sustainability and a rapidly changing technological progress, we are able to provide active support in the implementation of your ideas in our in-house R&D center.

Our goal is not only to improve your products, but also to collaborate with you to advance modern extrusion technology and to develop sustainable solutions for plastic products that are more environmentally friendly.

We have two Flat film lines and different single screw extruders with diameters from 25 mm to 250 mm at our disposal. It is therefore possible to adapt the lines specifically to your development and needs or to optimize your product and thus also to design a new, individual line for you.

Our technical center offers:

  • Process tests with virgin materials and up to 100 % regrind
  • Continuous infrared pre-drying according to FDA standards
  • Production of multi-layer films using main- and co-Extruders with double venting
  • Mono and up to 7-layered films
  • Horizontal and vertical rollstack units
  • Silicone application on one or both sides
  • Winding of extruded films
  • Lamination
  • Standard and technical materials
  • Qualified advice and support
  • Evaluation of the procedural test

Reference projects:

  • Project: Flat film made from renewable material
    • Production of a Flat film made from waste coffee grinds
      -> More information on demand
  • Project: PET-Film with thickness 1,6 mm made from 100 % Post-industrial regrind
    • PET Flat film made of 100 % PIR regrind
      -> More information on demand
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Kevin Werner
Development engineer
+49 (0) 2241 902 313