KUHNE Maschinenbau


servire (lat.) = dienen

For us, service means understanding the wishes, needs and problems of our customers and then implementing them actively, quickly and competently.

In doing so, the sum of our services goes far beyond the standard - we offer:

  • Spare parts sales - on request also by express worldwide
  • Spare parts lists with values, references and prices
  • 6 months price fixing for all offered spare parts
  • High stock availability of spare parts
  • Availability of important components (motors, screws, etc.) from KUHNE warehouses, suppliers or at the customer's site
  • "Troubleshooting" on site with the help of our competent field service technicians
  • 24h telephone hotline - 0180 590 20 99
  • Constant availability by phone, fax or mail
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Site planning and inspection
  • Maintenance and service contracts
  • Active maintenance
  • Remote maintenance via internet
  • Training and education - at the customer's site or at one of our laboratory lines

Our competent team even sees complaints as an opportunity and customers as partners. Challenge us - we look forward to meeting you!

Christopher Brock

Department Manager

Icon Phone +49 2241 902 270
Icon send christopher.brock@kuhne-group.com

Dirk Halm

Clerk / Spare parts sales area

Icon Phone +49 2241 902 129
Icon send halm@kuhne-group.com

Nicole Helmstätter

Clerk / Spare parts sales area

Icon Phone +49 2241 902 131
Icon send n.helmstaetter@kuhne-group.com

Manfred Rosenberg

Assembly and operation planning

Icon Phone +49 2241 902 128
Icon send rosenberg@kuhne-group.com

Gregor Gruschka

Service electr.

Icon Phone +49 2241 902 177
Icon send gruschka@kuhne-group.com